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Trapped in a Hungarian apartment block

9/2/2018 | #

In 2010 I spent a week hanging out with a friend who lived in Budapest. I arrived at his place around 5am and, despite knowing I was coming, he overslept without alarms, leaving me to get embroiled in an unlikely and embarrassing limbo. The same limbo that was considered unlikely and embarrassing enough to be […]

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Firsts and fastests


Books about other people’s adventures make good reading, with ‘adventures’ acting as a pretty broad catch all term. My bookshelf includes treks to Himalayan plateaus, round the world bike rides, solo sailing odysseys, drifting walks with nothing but a violin for company, and many variations on these themes. The thing that appeals in these books […]

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Protected: The Blue Balls Express:
across America in 48 hours

30/1/2018 | #

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What to eat on a bike tour

10/1/2018 | #

Each day in Canada we ate, on average: Porridge: a cup of oats, 150ml of milk Sandwiches: two rounds of peanut butter and jam Dinner: two eggs, rice Snacks: a few handfuls of nuts, a couple of apples I’d consider this the bare minimum in terms of acceptable amounts of flavour and how inspiring the food is. […]

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Vandalise your books

7/1/2018 | #

I fold page corners when reading. My books are accordions of highlights, good quotes, things to follow up, and particularly articulate sections. “If you fold my books, I’ll hit you“, my Grandma once told me. Or something to that effect. But borrowed books don’t get folded. Unless the lender has given permission, which has never […]

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Overly minute minutiae

6/1/2018 | #  #

Today I’m trawling back over old writing, making small tweaks to make it fit my new blog layout. Out of curiosity I dug further back onto an ooold blog of mine that hasn’t been updated since 2009, but which contains writing from the first time I went to Canada. Reading it is equal parts fun […]

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Not sound-checking properly

4/1/2018 | #

These posts are a bit of a laugh, written so that I might learn something from my mistakes, so that you might enjoy some schadenfreude at my expense, and so that – maybe – you might learn something from my mistakes. Other people’s adventures are compelling things. They spark wanderlust, intrigue, wonder and envy. Comparing […]

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White Point

20/11/2017 | #

The most beautiful place in the world, if my journal entry from the time is to be believed.

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“an easy passport to travel on”

13/11/2017 | #

Thoughts on a good quote from Alastair Humphreys

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In praise of Canada

27/10/2017 | #

4472 miles cycled, 5349 miles travelled. 10 provinces traversed.
Hundreds of kind, genuine and inquisitive people met.
A round-up of an excellent summer.

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Cycling in London


I love cycling in London. Behind and between the bits you usually see. Riding the lines above ground that connect the underground exit points you usually descend into and emerge from. Secret streets. Private parks and thoroughfares inaccessible to cars and cabs. Rows of houses where real-life Londoners live, not the pretenders who commute in. […]

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Pay it forward


Another night where the quality of my sleep was greatly enhanced by the generosity of others. Generosity stemming from not wanting to see me sleep in a waterproof bivvy bag, despite me being more than happy to do so. I repeated a mantra in my head as I left the estate, sipping my already-tepid coffee […]

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