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#29: White Point


“That bit in the trees is the top” said the man with the sign as we waited, worn out, at roadworks midway up a big hill. We were surrounded in every direction by millions of trees. “Take the coastal road, save yourself a mountain” said the second sign man a few miles later, pointing us down a […]

“To have time and money and an easy passport to travel on”


Thoughts on a good quote from Alastair Humphreys

In praise of Canada


4472 miles cycled, 5349 miles travelled. 10 provinces traversed. 3 nights in hostels, 65 nights camping, 24 nights accommodated in friends’ houses or cabins, 1 night on a train, 1 night on a ferry. Hundreds of kind, genuine and inquisitive people met. Read this round-up of an excellent summer.
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Cycling in London


I love cycling in London. Behind and between the bits you usually see. Riding the lines above ground that connect the underground exit points you usually descend into and emerge from. Secret streets. Private parks and thoroughfares inaccessible to cars and cabs. Rows of houses where real-life Londoners live, not the pretenders who commute in. […]

Pay it forward


Another night where the quality of my sleep was greatly enhanced by the generosity of others. Generosity stemming from not wanting to see me sleep in a waterproof bivvy bag, despite me being more than happy to do so. I repeated a mantra in my head as I left the estate, sipping my already-tepid coffee […]

#29: roads and beacons


I’m back in the UK. This may come as a surprise to some of you. A friend told me before I set off, “don’t go away and find yourself, it’s wanky”. Sound advice. And with it in mind, I thought about roads and beacons while riding. Parts of our ride were defined by highways – […]