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tax returns:
time vs. money


I’ve been wading through the necessarily convoluted process of self assessment for over a year now (no exaggeration), and today I’m finally registered, activated and ready to file my first tax return. However despite Moira Stewart’s reassurances from the old tax adverts that “tax doesn’t have to be taxing”, I’m sceptical. (But very grateful she […]

Paris, 29 November


We attended an unauthorised but initially tolerated human-chain protest at Republique this afternoon, and ended up standing just opposite Bataclan. There were police everywhere; even though the official protest was cancelled and public gatherings are technically banned, they were happy to turn a blind eye as long as things stayed calm. That said, there were […]

23-24 November


Evening I caught up on some work in a Southwark pub, nursing a half pint of mulled cider that cost me £4.50: a decidedly un-festive price.  Ali and Bill were waiting on the platform for the train down south so we sat together and talked about cool projects going on in Leeds, our conversation occasionally […]

Unread emails


An unread email sits in your inbox, visible Each time you see it you’re reminded (albeit gently) that you haven’t dealt with it yet It becomes a burden Each time you see it you’re less inclined to deal with it, so the effect cumulates The person who sent it has probably forgotten or looked elsewhere […]

Horizontal scrolling


I originally planned to have gallery pages on this site using horizontal scrolling. An old, redundant mock-up of this exists here if you want to see. Horizontal scrolling is cool and it worked well with my laptop’s mousepad, but with a traditional mouse it was clunky and the website didn’t work as you’d expect. Asking people […]

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