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Overly minute minutiae

6/1/2018 | #  #

Today I’m trawling back over old writing, and reading it is equal parts fun and wince-inducing. Here be the sifted highlights of a three-and-a-half-thousand word letter home whilst studying abroad in 2009..

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Not sound-checking properly before a Skype interview

4/1/2018 | #

When you click the little microphone on the screen, rings dance around it which show sound being received. I clicked my fingers a couple of times, the rings danced. I assumed this meant it was all working.

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Over the Alps in a rickshaw

18/8/2017 | #

An interview with Bill Phelps, a man who led a band of activists over the Alps to attend a Drop the Debt protest in Genoa. With a rickety 100kg Indian rickshaw.

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Our position in history

28/11/2016 | #

You have the entirety of recorded human experience until this moment to refer to when deciding how to approach and behave in the ever-unfolding future, which is incredibly empowering.

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All this is waiting on you

26/11/2016 | #

My thoughts on a song which perfectly captures the combination of anticipation and excitement that accompany opportunities in life.

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You can make tiny bullet points of yourself


In Microsoft Word you can make custom bullet points surprisingly easily. Here’s how to do it.

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2016 so far

30/6/2016 | #

Based on completed hours of billable freelance work. Left-most bar is Jan, right-most is June. Red is 0 hours, moving toward bright green for the upper limit (secret 😉 ) Orange horizontal lines are weekends.

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I’m poking around work I did 4-5 years ago, and it’s cementing my opinion on just how futile it was. But as a means of earning money, writing benign bullshit wasn’t particularly objectionable.

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Say Yes More

17/2/2016 | #

While I was researching something inconsequential at work, an opportunity popped up which piqued my interest completely. It fell through in the end, but I still learned some good stuff.

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You could visit any home in the country and probably recognise / operate (almost) everything therein. Isn’t that boring? A post exploring ubiquity via wordplay.

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The wisdom of Neil Gaiman

10/12/2015 | #

Nuggets of wisdom from Neil, a man who “tended to do anything as long as it felt like an adventure, and stop when it felt like work. which meant that life didn’t feel like work.”

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A few basic principles I try to live and work by, with links to the principles of others who have achieved much greater things.

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