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Our position in history


Right now you are at the absolute forefront of history, and that’s pretty cool. It’s cool because you have the entirety of recorded human experience until this moment to refer to when deciding how to approach and behave in the ever-unfolding future, which is incredibly empowering. Think about what people have achieved in the past when the […]

All this
is waiting on you


I love this song: It perfectly captures the combination of anticipation and excitement that accompany opportunities in life. Both the active anticipation and excitement toward positive opportunities, or the less obvious opportunities for anticipation and excitement for new things after something bad. The lyrics are wonderful. Lines presenting ambiguous situations that could be interpreted as sad or […]

Having fun with top level domains


.com and are called top level domains. In the early days of the internet there were just 7, each with its own planned user base: .com for companies .org for non-profit organisations .net for specific networks of computers .int for entities endorsed by treaty between 2 or more nations (wha?) .edu, .gov and .mil for […]

You can make tiny bullet points of yourself


In Microsoft Word you can make custom bullet points surprisingly easily. Here’s how to do it. Step 1: Pick a lovely image you’d like to use. Step 2: Paste that bad boy into Word. Step 3: MAKE IT TINY. Step 4: Type something after the image, then press ‘Enter’ and observe as you become lovely bullet […]

2016 so far


Based on completed hours of billable freelance work. Left-most bar is Jan, right-most is June. Red is 0 hours, moving toward bright green for the upper limit (secret 😉 ) Orange horizontal lines are weekends.

Back home to Cameron’s Britain


My time in Bordeaux finished. A turbulent tailwind whisked our flight over the channel and dumped us at Gatwick 15 minutes early and suitably rattled. My bike is still locked up outside Bordeaux airport due to a fun and farcical series of events, and I’m yet to decide whether it’s an annoying or funny situation. In […]