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being freelance

2016 so far

Based on completed hours of billable freelance work.

Left-most bar is Jan, right-most is June.

Red is 0 hours, moving toward bright green for the upper limit (secret 😉 )

Orange horizontal lines are weekends.

2016 graph


Today I started learning WordPress from the ground up.

At the moment I can throw a site together relatively convincingly with a smattering of knowledge about different aspects, but this approach leads to many and frustrating roadblocks.

It’s like knowing a few fragments of classical songs, one or two exotic chords and a couple scales on piano, but not understanding how or why any of it works. You can sit down at a piano and make convincing noise for a while, but you’re stuck when it comes to composing your own song.

There’s an excellent series of videos on Youtube called WordPress 101 by a guy called Alessandro Castellani. He says

“I understand that I have to start from scratch. I have to code everything from scratch by myself. I don’t have to be lazy, because if I learn what it’s made of and what it’s built in, I can recreate it, and I can code it by myself.”

Visualising a website and bringing it to reality is a cool  and motivating thing to do, and I imagine it will be much cooler when the process is slick, professional and understood.

Here’s to (hopefully) reaching that point in WordPress within a couple of months.