sites that 🎶 sing 🎶

Code is a canvas that lets you do some pretty cool things.

I believe a simple, concise web presence says it best.

Some of my skills:

  • Wordpress theme development
  • Responsive website design
  • Designs optimised for speed
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Font Awesome
  • WooCommerce
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Bex @ Bex’s Paws and Claws

Chris has such a creative mind and an excellent eye for detail.

He created a website I couldn’t even have dreamed of designing.

He was so lovely to work with and took such personal pride in making it perfect for me.

Lorentz Bloom

Chris was very easy to work with.

He’s got a great eye for design.

Very reasonable response times and a punctual work ethic.

Kelly @ Consult4Property

Chris was a great help.

The website is easy to navigate and loads in seconds.

No hesitation in recommending Chris’s services.


A site that pops for a trained singing teacher

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Tailored Wordpress theme to match brand and ethos

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Fully bespoke Wordpress theme

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Tailored Wordpress theme with CRON scheduling and automatic XML imports

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