Eastwards and Far




We get asked questions on the theme of “what’s been the best bit?” quite often.

Screening 79 days for standout moments on demand creates a lot of pressure, and usually draws a mental blank followed by a lacklustre “it’s all been amazing!”.

I thought about it in my tent one night, and all the best moments I can think of revolve around water, usually sitting above it on some wooden structure.

Floating in the canoe under the stars at Lake Catastrophe.

Slightly more intensely, being dragged behind a speedboat on a rubber ring.

Laying on the jetty at the campsite just past Mont Joli.

Walking to the end of the boat launch at Algoma Mills with Victor and Jo, to look at the moon shining over the red hut.

Watching the sky cycle through a palette of every colour at Grand-Anse, then being woken up by the sunrise shining through my tent door the next morning.

Sitting on the beach at Fundy Bay contemplating the enormous tides and watching the clouds create gaps for the moon to shine through, then looking at the reflections of the moon on the water.

Most of these moments were soundtracked by upbeat but melancholy music (this and this being favourites) – a vibe Kristian and I have both been enjoying.

There’s something about water that makes it the perfect backdrop for memorable moments. The tranquillity and stillness allow quiet reflection, and there is enough sound and motion to be watchable but not distracting.

Maybe the only thing more mesmerising to watch is a camp fire.

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