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January 6, 2018

Today I’m trawling back over old writing, making small tweaks to make it fit my new blog layout.

Out of curiosity I dug further back onto an ooold blog of mine that hasn’t been updated since 2009, but which contains writing from the first time I went to Canada.

Reading it is equal parts fun and wince-inducing.

It’s a great snapshot into the pre-departure fear I felt ahead of my first real solo travel. It shows what was on my mind whilst living there and, perhaps most entertaining, it showcases my (hopefully former) tendency to write in tedious detail about things.

Of a buffet, for instance:

The doors were thrown open and everyone swarmed the buffet table.

I must say, it was one of the most impressive buffets I’ve ever seen. There were enormous piles of fruit, veg, crisps, cheese, meat, snacks, breads and puddings. Some things I’d never seen at a buffet before (figs, mango, asparagus stalks etc), whereas some were commonplace (breadsticks, cheese and pineapple sticks), but it was all delicious. I loaded myself up with food and punch, then went to introduce myself to a few more people.

This was midway through a 3435 word update to friends and family.

Three and a half thousand words.

Containing such other fascinating observations as “I went into the building”  and “I walked at snail’s pace through the station, taking it all in and making subconscious comparisons to London’s Underground. The tiles are bigger here.”

Illuminating stuff.

Another highlight, this time on hot dogs:

Outside I saw my first Toronto hot dog vendor, and decided to give him my custom.

The hot dog stalls are great, they have boxes around the sides with olives, relish, chilli, onions, sauerkraut, pickle, bacon bits and a couple of other things that slip my mind right now, as well as bottles of mustard (Dijon or honey), ketchup and mayonnaise. All this, not to mention the bun and well (or at least adequately) cooked tube of processed meat is only $2.50 (or $3 nearer the city center). That’s about £1.50 (or £1.80 nearer the city center). I loaded mine up with everything, then found a place where I could eat it safely and without it bursting and sending complementary condiments all over the place.

Thirsty seconds later, full of hot dog and in good spirits, I was ready for my first stroll around Downtown. And what a good stroll it was!