Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Published on October 23 2017

Another night where the quality of my sleep was greatly enhanced by the generosity of others. Generosity stemming from not wanting to see me sleep in a waterproof bivvy bag, despite me being more than happy to do so.

I repeated a mantra in my head as I left the estate, sipping my already-tepid coffee from the tiny tepee kettle and being gurned at by a trio of alpacas:

“Pay it forward”

This summer was defined by the generosity of people – mainly strangers, now friends – who were willing to look past our scruff and mild vagabondry, through eyes of having previously been in a similar position themselves, or just through plain kindness.

“Pay it forward” is a reminder to myself and to anyone that this generosity doesn’t have to stop at our feet. This morning I woke in a comfy double bed in a tepee in Wales, away from the sog outside and with unused camping gear in my rucksack. Today and all tomorrows I can look for ways to extend generosity to others.

It may not always be possible to match in kind, but it can be matched in kindness.

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Pete Lee says:

What are you doing in Wales? did you once say you were buying a house in Leeds? are you still with Emily. What does your new job involve? hope every things going well. Take care, love you. Dad. x