“an easy passport to travel on”

“an easy passport to travel on”

Published on November 13 2017

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I am privileged to live in a country where, if I so desire, I can drop everything and set off on a jolly pretty much anywhere in the world.

For most of us in the UK, the only boundaries to your trip destination and duration is your attitude, how hard you’re willing to save, and how frugal you’re willing to be once you’re there.

Jobs and commitments feel permanent, and I’m not suggesting it’s easy to extricate yourself from them, but in terms of choice we are much freer than the citizens of many countries in the world.

This is something to be grateful for and, in a sense, to be proud of.

And also in many other senses, not to be proud of.

But awareness of the privileged position should always be maintained and, where possible, accompanied by efforts should to afford the same opportunities to those who don’t have the same background. Or at least to promote and share the appealing aspects that underlay the opportunities. Things like escape, variety, novelty, exotic things, temporary backdrops for new thoughts and experiences, and so on.

This has been on my mind a lot recently.

How can you share these things with those who may not have them? How can you help people to acknowledge the privileged position they are in and to want to pay it forward, but not from a position of guilt or because of a feeling of obligation?

How can you foster a desire to share good things?