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February 26, 2019

It was Christmas day, but not properly. The hours of Christmas eve that spilled over midnight.

Mum and brother had gone to bed. I was up with step dad talking about life, plans, goals. There was wine.

What do you want to do?” he asked.

I gave some spiel about wanting to write but not being sure if I could; about having notes for a book but not committing to writing it; about -

- ”Just do it,” he said.

Then he wrote “Chris book 25/6/2019” on their calendar, committing me to be done in 6 months.

I had 10,949 words of digital notes at that point.

On boxing day I wrote 728 more.  Between boxing day and new year I wrote 7,496.

Providing the momentum continues, you’ll soon have a nice, shiny new book in your hands.

Every time someone reads, subscribes, or says hi, it is hugely motivating.

So I have a small favour to ask.

If you enjoy these words, please spread the word. Even to just one person.

It could be anyone who likes cycling, reading, adventure, books, bikes, Canada, poutine, travel, outdoor pursuits, wanderlust, stories, camping, beer, and so on…

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