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13 years in digital marketing (and counting).

First in-house, then agency, then start-up, now consulting.

Over 60 successful client campaigns, from one-man bands through to international companies.

Here's what that success looks like...


Great traffic


higher engagement


more money


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of my work:

The Great Trail

I’m published by one of Canada’s flagship tourist organisations

Travel agency content strategy

200,000 page views

Third sector newsletter

Engagement at 2x industry average

Saltscapes magazine

500k readership

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A list of my articles that have been distributed by curators.

Other selected writing

Some of my favourite pieces, from various places.

Say Yes More

An account of social media fulfilling its potential to do good in the world.

Jonathan Gold

A man who took the idea of contempt prior to investigation, and “blew it the fuck up”.


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