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How to find your MailChimp URL

November 13, 2018

Found someone who hasn’t subscribed to your newsletter and want to force it upon them elsewhere?

Here’s how:

Log in to Mailchimp.

Click ‘Campaigns’ in the top nav, then click the name of the campaign whose link you want to share:

Click the ‘Details’ tab, then find the URL in the ‘Campaign URL’ section.

You can either copy as is or click ‘Edit’ to customise the URL, depends how fancy you’re feeling.

If you navigate to the URL you’ll see the following:

Your newsletter, all nice and shiny in a browser window.

People can subscribe via RSS to get updates in their inbox, or view ‘past issues’, which means other emails inĀ this campaign.

It’s worth noting that the URL isn’t part of your site, so Google won’t associate the content with your site. This can be remedied, but that will be addressed elsewhere.