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Koh Tao sunset

December 29, 2019

The evening light casts a faded pastel light. The view is as vibrant as it was before, but its a more subdued vibrancy. A hard distinction to capture with words, but a beautiful one to behold.

The scene is abuzz with activity. Oars propel kayaks, canoes, paddleboards. Boats return cohorts of Scuba divers back to shore. Others pull waterskiers at the end of taut ropes. Others still are moored up, anchored down, waiting for their next sortie around the island.

Another sunset readies itself. The sky’s blues are giving way gradually to reds, oranges, yellows, even greens. An improbable palette that gains beauty and variety as the sun descends.

It’s a descent that will attract tourists from bars, cafes, parlours, and hotel rooms, down to the shore. Each sunset here is recorded for posterity by hundreds of lenses.

It’s a special place to be. Calm and serene despite being busy and bustling. Though people are active, the energy is mellow.

By now the sun has hit the horizon. A vial of incandescence, oozing its way through the hover of clouds sitting at the bottom of the sky. Soon the lava-red remnants of sunlight will fade, and it will fall to endless coloured lanterns hanging from the palm canopy above to light the island for the night.