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Our position in history

November 28, 2016

Right now you are at the absolute forefront of history, and that’s pretty cool.

It’s cool because you have the entirety of recorded human experience until this moment to refer to when deciding how to approach and behave in the ever-unfolding future, which is incredibly empowering.

Think about what people have achieved in the past when the combined pool of human knowledge and experience was smaller.

Then think that the further back you look, the smaller this pool was and the harder it was to access.

Looking back into history lets you see circumstances which led to paradigm shifts. Or to learn directly from thinkers who died hundreds of years ago. Or to study the common traits and trajectories of people and peoples who achieved greatness, in whatever form.

This is slightly hyperbolic, but allow me it: 

You have access to this knowledge and to the possibility to incorporate it into your moral code and actions. You have the power to ensure its preservation for future generations and, most excitingly, you have the power to ensure it continues to expand.

Don’t waste that opportunity.

Especially don’t deny to yourself that the opportunity even exists.

Salvaged from some old notes from around December 2013, then tweaked slightly.