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4 reasons you need a new website

December 11, 2018

Any of these make you think,
“yep, that’s me”?

Your current site doesn’t pop

Is it a bit fusty, like you’re looking back in time to 2015? Or maybe even older. Maybe you’re harbouring another throwback to the ’90s.

Web trends come and go, and sites rocking old ones can feel old quick. An example is parallax scrolling: all the rage back in 2014 but now it’s tired, overused, and often unnecessarily clunky.

You don’t know how to update it

Maybe you didn’t know this is a massive security hazard. Or maybe you did but don’t know what to do about it.

Hackers take control of exploits in websites, plugins, scripts, and various other site components. The longer since something has been updated, the more likely there are vulnerabilities. A hacked site can wreak havoc with your business.

You aren’t optimised for mobile

That’s around 40% as of 14/12/18 of web traffic who will find your site fiddly and annoying to navigate. And they will much sooner leave and try elsewhere rather than wrestle with an awkward, non-optimised website.

Google prioritises mobile sites in its search results now, so if you’re not optimised you will see a drop in traffic and rankings.

You threw the old one together

Sites are often an afterthought, especially for new businesses who are keen to get focused on the real stuff. As a result sites are built without much real thought on structure, navigation, and desired actions.

This makes it likely things are visually inconsistent, not particularly intuitive and, most importantly, they probably don’t prioritise conversions. Whether a conversion for you means selling a product, getting a donation, or having someone read your content, this is clearly not ideal.

You can do better.

A well designed website is a pleasure to browse.

Everyone becomes a member of your potential audience: no one is left behind by device, no one is frustrated trying to find the information they want.

This is because it looks as good on a top spec laptop as it does on a 2010 smart phone. It’s because deliberate design leads customers and readers where you want them to go, whether this is to your checkout, your booking form, or your proudest blog post.

A well designed site is secure, too. Full site back-ups mean you’re back up and running at the press of a button if anything goes wrong.