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February 11, 2016

Every house has one of these:

Here are some other things everyone owns:

microwave cup broom

You could visit any home in the country and probably recognise / operate (almost) everything therein.

Isn’t that boring?


Imagine how much else exists:

Vacuum coffee maker

Cool lamp thing


Klein bottle

Ant farm

Frog sound


hurdy gurdy

What we’re frequently exposed to defines our perceived ‘normality’: true with ideas, opinions, objects.

Widening exposure means opportunity for new insights.

So go forth, widen!

This post was testing whether anything meaningful can be written using no word more than once.

(Proof) 😛

Thoughts: concise becomes a must. Functional words like ‘is’, ‘it’, ‘if’, ‘because’ become precious. Punctuation provides tricksy workarounds. As does pluralisation.