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Use Templates to Make Your Digital Marketing Link Outreach Quicker

November 1, 2019

Are you bored of rewriting the same outreach email a thousand times?

Do you hate clicking “Forward” on an email and trimming out all the gubbins to make it ready to send again?

Thunderbird email forwarding

Me too.

There’s pretty much nothing I wouldn’t do to make this process quicker, more productive, and less boring.

So here’s how to use email templates to make your SEO outreach quicker.

First up, an admission:

This is probably really obvious, and I’m probably late to the email template party.

But I’m writing this in case you are too.

(If so, I won’t tell 🤫)

Step 1: Open your email client

I use Mozilla Thunderbird for outreach for two reasons:

  • Outlook is clunky and overpriced.
  • The Open Source movement is excellent.

Step 2: Write your outreach email

Leave the To: field blank!

Write your outreach.

Then click –

  1. File.
  2. Save as.
  3. Template.

Step 3: Head to ‘Templates’

When you want to send a version of your template, just head to ‘Templates’…

And you should see it sitting in there waiting for you:

Step 4: Double click it to edit

When you double click the template it pops open in a new window for you, ready to make tweaks, add a recipient, and hit send.

Then, when you’re done, it’s still available in the template folder.

No need to waste time trimming gubbins, or rewriting the same email time after time.

Step 5: Enjoy more efficient outreach

Now you can spend more time on the good stuff –

  • Sourcing outreach targets.
  • Relishing your increased productivity.
  • Making another coffee.

Thanks for reading 👍