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All this is waiting on you

November 26, 2016

I love this song:

It perfectly captures the combination of anticipation and excitement that accompany opportunities in life. Both the active anticipation and excitement toward positive opportunities, or the less obvious opportunities for anticipation and excitement for new things after something bad.

The lyrics are wonderful. Lines presenting ambiguous situations that could be interpreted as sad or hopeless are followed by the refrain “all this is waiting on you”

“It isn’t always easy
Traveling on a winding road when you lost your way
All this is waiting on you”

“Stumbling around this city
Looking up at all the buildings
You feel so small
All this is waiting on you”

But the last few lines of the final chorus remind you that there’ll always be someone there wanting to guide you through the rough times and show you the opportunities waiting for you on the other side:

“When you’re alone in the dark
Shadows on the wall and the voices inside your head
And you can’t get to sleep
Cause you regret all the things you said
I’ll always be there
I will always be your friend
loving together for good
And I don’t know where life will take you
I will know
All this is waiting on you
It isn’t always easy
But you can always find shelter in my arms
I’ll be here waiting for you

Simultaneously an excellent reminder to look for the opportunities presented by any situation, and to be willing to be there for someone when they’re struggling to see them.

The little guitar twiddle at 1:51 is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, too

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