Chris Lee




Well crafted- Magazine editor, 500k readers

I really like the way you write- Renowned adventurer & author

A vast improvement- Managing Director, international tour operator

Excellent- Head of Content, HubSpot Gold agency

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I am a 

freelance writer


My passion is writing about the people you meet and the experiences you open yourself up to when traveling by saddle, rather than the technical or competitive aspects of the sport.

My professional background is content strategy and search engine optimisation. I write copy that is demonstrably effective at increasing engagement and conversions.

For a little flavour of 

my writing

, here are some things I'm proud of.

Eastwards and Far: cycling across Canada, coast-to-coast

Through a tourist's eyes: Impressions of Atlantic Canada from the perspective of a bicycle seat

"Over 100 ways YOU can make the world better"



includes things like this: